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The Cara Hotz approach to personal style is bigger than envisioning a new outfit, configuring a better furniture arrangement, or sending a great thank you note. It’s based on your inspirations, your life responsibilities, and your physical presence—not someone else’s.

Our programs give you the confidence to continue cultivating your personal style long after you’ve completed your programs.

Our Style Insights™ Program is at the center of our approach, and it is the prerequisite for our deep-dive programs.

The insights that come out of your Style Insights™ Program experience are central to understanding what drives your personal style, and that knowledge informs next-level programs like Style Slate™ for Wardrobe or Style Slate™ for Spaces.

At the Center of Your Own Style

Style Insights™ | Live Your Own Style

Your Style Insights™ Program is a one-on-one experience focused on you. It connects you to what drives your own personal style and provides insights and specific ideas on how to implement and live your style in your wardrobe, in the spaces where you live, and in your interactions with others. It’s like having a style compass made just for you.

It’s an empowering and inspiring experience!


Once you’ve completed the Style Insights™ Program, you may find that for a specific style sphere, some focused assistance would be welcome. Cara’s next-level programs focus on specific style spheres and are designed to empower you with guidance to help you implement your personal style where you’d like more help.

Personal Style Slate™

Before engaging a next-level program, our clients must complete their Style Insights™ Program.