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New Year, TRUE You

It’s the new year, and we’re kicking if off with a way to get serious about taking control of your personal style. Not just for your clothes, but for the style choices you make for your home and for those that you make to enhance your interactions with other people. Your personal style is in everything you do, and now is the time to bring it to life by flipping the script and making your style about you.

A discussion of whether bordeaux or black tights go with a navy suits can be fun (heated, even!), but unfortunately most style talk usually becomes a question of what’s “in,” and what is of course, “out.”

Honestly I bristle at the hint of in/out talk.

It’s so didactic. I think it’s much more gratifying (and helpful) to talk about: What’s lovely? What is gorgeous for you? What makes you feel great? All of the above!

This uncomfortable feeling that surrounds the in/out rules for so many people is why our annual “New Year, TRUE You” event focus is important right now.

New Year, TRUE You Event

In this great, new month of January, we’ll introduce four TRUE fundamentals of personal style, one each week. And rest assured, while these fundamental subjects will be all about how you can approach your personal style, they won’t be a discussion of “in and out.”

They will help you lay the groundwork for building the confidence to make style choices that fit the most important person in the conversation—you.


Consider the next four weeks as an introduction to the “brass tacks” of what I consider the basis of effective Style Thinking. Integrating these fundamental ideas as you develop your own style identity will help you elevate your personal style, and they are relevant to all the style spheres of your life. And—back to the question of tights and suits and shoes (or draperies, dining rooms, and objets d’art, or the components of any style sphere), when you are using these fundamental ideas your own approach to style, yours will emerge from a broader view. It will be so much more than “in/out”, and more fulfilling, too.

Get Your Free Style Thinking Primer

I am giving you a four-part Style Thinking Primer that will help you grow your New Year, TRUE You experience. You’ll receive your primer in four installments, each delivered to coincide with the Style Thinking fundamental focus of the week. Together, they will help you get a running leap into your new year of style that is focused on you.

Get Your Free Style Thinking Primer

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And There Are Special Savings

I’m also excited to share that we are offering special 20% savings on our Style Insights™ Program. Get the details here. Our Style Insights™ Program is at the heart of how we help you get empowered to live your own style, so you not only look great, but you feel great too (from the inside-out!). These savings are good through January 31, 2016, so you have time to consider if the program is right for you. If you have any questions, you can always schedule a free consultation to talk about your style plan.

I can’t wait to start 2016’s New Year, TRUE You event with you. Look for the first Style Thinking Primer installment tomorrow!


– Cara.

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