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“It was an a-ha! moment.”

That’s the feedback from one of our first clients, after one Discovery Session. Already, her mindset had shifted, and she was seeing her personal style as her own to live. It was enlightening. Our work together helped her reveal what made her own style tick, and put her on the path to develop it.

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Taking ownership of your personal style is empowering. No one else sees the world as you do, and no one else has your style. Across Style Spheres—wardrobe, spaces, and interactions—it can flow through your life seamlessly. What a pleasure.


“I think what surprised me is getting a glimpse of how deep personal style can be–how it can communicate something about who we really are…. It has left me feeling inspired to be more purposeful about what I buy and wear, and excited for the next steps in this process.”

—Susanne in Austin

“I’ve learned so much from you.”

—Kathy in Chicago

“This was a very unique approach and greatly appreciated. It wasn’t trying to make me something I’m not—in fact quite the opposite. I feel that you really got to know me, and I’m excited about the next step.”

—Ann on Florida’s Treasure Coast

“It was like getting an early Christmas present… I thought you did a great job. I loved the phone calls, the reminder emails and the instance emails and text. I especially loved getting my last email with my wardrobe styles. I am super excited and feel like a celeb!”

—Ashley in Alabama

“I feel powerful in my clothes.”

—Kristen in Raleigh, NC


Reveal, cultivate and live your own personal style.

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