Spaces: Personal Style Where We Live

The spaces where you live can amplify or diminish your personal style. When your home and workspace reflect who you are, it’s comforting. It connects you to your places, and helps people to have a more complete vision of who you are. Like the Wardrobe Style Sphere, the elements of color, fabrics, and fit feature prominently in our living spaces. But these elements are borne from the larger concepts of our personal responsibilities, comfort, and how we use our homes. Spaces include where we live, work and play, indoors and out.

As individuals, we have our own ideas about how we would like to express ourselves in the spaces that surround us. And culturally, we get an idea about people from how they express themselves in the spaces where they live.

Our personal style is how we navigate these two realms, where self-expression and cultural etiquette intersect, and it’s different for everyone. It’s your Personal Style Quotient, and you can discover yours here.

Cara’s Style Slate for Spaces is coming soon, and it will help you discover and cultivate your personal style in the Spaces sphere. Get a note from Cara when it’s live