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Discovering and cultivating your own style is one of the most fulfilling things that you can do for yourself—I speak from personal experience! Style Insights™ focuses on your inspirations and your own life reality to provide insights and guidance for truly living your own style in your wardrobe, in the spaces where you live, and in your interactions with other people—across the spheres of your life.

Bigger than a new outfit, the newest paint color, or the “must-have” item… Cara’s Style Insights™ Program empowers you to live your own style. And it doesn’t just boost your confidence—the program equips you with tools and specific ideas to help you implement your style, including a name for your own personal style that you can use as a touchstone when making style decisions.

With so many retailers, so many brands, and so many opportunities to make a not-so-great choice, your Style Insights™ experience gives you direction for making style choices. It’s like having a style compass that points to your true north.


Style Insights™ | Live Your Own Style

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Discovery Session

60 minutes, via Skype

In this engaging session, we’ll use our style discovery tools to reveal your preferences, values, and influences. Prior to the session, you’ll have three short pieces of prep work to complete. They designed to help you get the most out of the Discovery Session and to give us important information going into the session.

You’ll learn a lot about your approach to your personal style and what inspires you. As one client said after her Discovery Session:

“I think what surprised me is getting a glimpse of how deep personal style can be—how it can communicate something about who we really are.”

After our session, Cara Hotz Style will review all the discoveries that we’ve made, analyze the information (including your prep work), and prepare your personal Style Insights™ summary document. It’s designed to provide clarity and direction when you’re making choices for your wardrobe, the spaces where you live, and your interactions. You’ll receive your summary document five business days after our Discovery Session.

In addition to the insights you’ll gain during your Discovery Session, your Style Insights™ summary includes these resources:

A unique name for your personal style based on our session. Use it as your touchstone when making new style decisions across Style Spheres.

Your Style Persona and additional insights that provide a robust framework for your personal style.

A visual slate of inspirations that speak to your personal passions, responsibilities, and lifestyle.

Specific ideas to help you bring your personal style into your life across the Style Spheres of wardrobe, spaces, and interactions.

Your Own Personal Style Resource | Style Insights™ Summary

Pivot Call

15 minutes, via Skype or telephone

If you’d like to discuss your Style Insights, or if you have a specific style point that you’d like to expand, this is the perfect vehicle. It’s extra time to pick our brain, talk through a style dilemma, or bounce around a new style idea for any Style Sphere: wardrobe, spaces, or interactions. It’s not required time, but if you want it, it’s there.

The Style Insights™ Program is specially-designed to uncover your personal style and provide the tools to bring your style into your life.






After completing your Style Insights™ Program, you have the opportunity to engage Cara’s deep-dive into wardrobe with Style Slate™ for Wardrobe.

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