Race for CAASE

Thank You.

Many, many thanks go to the following people who supported CAASE’s work toward a world free of sexual exploitation by sponsoring Cara’s run at the Race for CAASE on June 6, 2015. Thanks being a part of this effort!

Check out the shout-outs video below—straight from the finish line!

Cara Hotz Style’s participation in the Race for CAASE is in conjunction with our Giving Back Program, where 1% of our profits are donated to CAASE.

Race for CAASE · 2015


  • Kathy Baum
  • Amy Blumenreder
  • Barry Carpenter
  • Kristen Farmer
  • Marilyn Hall
  • Carol and Fred Hotz
  • Mike Hotz
  • Gina Kohler
  • Antoinette Lefkow

· Thank you ·


“What a great experience! I want to thank you for supporting this endeavor. Together, we’re working toward a world free sexual exploitation.”

– Cara.

Learn more about our Giving Back Program benefiting CAASE.

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Race for CAASE Shout-outs! | Cara Hotz Style