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Expand Your Style Spheres.

Style Slate™ for Wardrobe  |  Spaces  |  Interactions


You’ve completed the Style Insights™ Program, and you have a framework for making style decisions, your Style Persona guiding you. But when it comes to specific Style Spheres, some focused assistance would be welcome. You’re in the right place. Cara’s next-level programs focused on specific Style Spheres are designed to empower you with guidance to help you implement your personal style across the spheres of your life.


The clothes you wear are the personal style you carry with you. Your wardrobe makes a statement, and it can support your ideas and affinities, or it can be in discord or indifferent to them. When what you wear connects to your ideas about who you are and what inspires you, it feels good. Of course, your clothes should suit your life’s responsibilities and your physical presence, too. Cara brings all of these elements together to create your personal Style Slate™. 

Style Slate™ for Wardrobe


The spaces where you live can amplify or diminish your personal style. When your spaces reflect who you are, it’s comforting; and it gives people cues about you and how they will be received in your space. When the elements of your living spaces are informed by your inspirations, your responsibilities, and your comfort, it gives people a more complete vision of you.

Tools to help you bring your personal style to your spaces are in the works.


Your style of interacting with others speaks volumes about you. Use the points where you touch the people around you as a way to show your personal style.

We’re developing great tools to help you bring your personal style to your interactions with others. 


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