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Honoring People through Style: Wardrobe

One way you can keep the people who you love and admire close is to honor them as part of how you express your personal style.

I always say that your wardrobe is the most intimate of the style spheres—even going as far as to call it “personal style you carry with you”—so it makes sense that it’s a natural way to honor the people we want to keep near to us.

Sometimes it’s a date that makes me want to express my appreciation for my special people. For instance, a birthday, a commemorative date in history, or—not to sound macabre—the date that someone passed.

Alternatively, sometimes it’s just choosing a piece to wear that reminds me to honor a special person. These times aren’t associated with a date or certain event, but just the association itself.

Here are some ways that I do it:

Honoring my Mema

Silk blouse with tailored pants, red lipstick and done hair. It’s more fitting of an honor to do it on an ordinary day, as she would. I also like to wear a coat that she bought for my mother 25 years ago.

Cara Hotz Style | silk blouse

Honoring my friend Katie and my Scottish heritage

A Kennedy tartan scarf that she gave to me as a surprise. This is a bona fide twofer for feeling gratitude.

Cara Hotz Style | Kennedy scarf

Honoring Mrs Kilby

A tailored jacket paired with four strands of her beads, all in clear blue and bright white, because she traveled to Greece one year and returned with the most striking ring.

Cara Hotz Style | blue and white beads

Honoring my grandfather

A small sailor pin I found. He looks ready for action. I usually wear it on Veterans Day.

Cara Hotz Style | sailor pin Veterans Day


This idea doesn’t require a closet of heirlooms.

It’s more about intention, and it’s about the meaning that you infuse into your style choices. Moreover, it’s about feeling grateful for the people that you are honoring.

Also, always know that your inspirations are yours, and the way you honor them is for you. There’s no requirement that your intention to honor another be interpreted as such by other people.

Incorporating intention into style choices is empowering. It makes dressing about you and what you find important.

Would you honor someone with your daily dressing choices? I find this idea so interesting!


– Cara.

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Honoring People Through Wardrobe | Cara Hotz Style