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When we make style choices, and it’s important to respect the decisions that we make. Respect comes with consideration.

One thing that we emphasize at Cara Hotz Style is the importance of the style choices that you make for yourself. It’s central to our “Live Your Own Style” mantra and to our mission transforming the way people think about personal style. But true personal style is not only about making style choices; it’s about respecting those choices, too.

Things are fast. Technology is fast, manufacturing is fast, shipping is fast. Everything is so fast, packaged-up, and compartmentalized that it’s quite easy to separate an object from its life-arc: its origins, the journey it makes, and its potential lifespan after we finish with it.

Part of the mindset of “Style, with Respect” is considering what goes into an object we choose: the person who made it, the resources required to fabricate it, and those that delivered it into our hands. Then, once it doesn’t serve us any longer, its lifespan and environmental impact. Incorporating a mindset of respect in our style decisions helps us understand their relevance—their place—in a larger context. It helps us connect to the people, places, and resources that are inherent to the objects we choose to bring into our lives.

A lot to consider when popping a $6 t-shirt into your shopping cart.

But, the idea isn’t to avoid purchase of an $6 t-shirt, necessarily. The idea is to treat that item—any choice you make—with consideration and respect. Respect for the person that made it, for the resources that went into it, and for the environmental impact it has in the world. The same would be true of a sofa, a candle, or any other style choice. It’s a call to take care of the things—the choices—you bring into your style. Fold the t-shirt. Wear the t-shirt.

And if, as you mull over this concept, you find that you’d like to incorporate less “fast” and more, shall we say, deliberately-produced things into your style, check out hand-made, crafted, and custom options. Or locally-produced pieces. Just like there is a “slow food” movement, there is starting to be a “slow fashion” one. 

When you bring respect to your style decisions, it brings depth to your style, just like a mindset of Intention does. The Fundamentals of Style are inter-related.

There can be an embarrassment of riches when it comes to our opportunities to make style choices. That shouldn’t dissuade or overwhelm us, but rather we should make our own opportunity to respect and honor the choices that we do make: fast, artisan, inexpensive, green, whatever.

When you set out with a mindset of respect for your style choices, they have more relevance in the wider world.

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– Cara.

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