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Fundamentals of Style

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The beautiful thing about this Fundamental of Style is that it is not difficult to explain, and it is a beautiful thing to talk about.

Joy in style is—

The joy of choice… and choosing.

The joy of understanding…and exploring what you don’t know yet.

The joy of acting on your inspirations…and knowing how to do it.

The joy of expressing yourself…and sharing that expression with the world.

It’s a POP!

It’s a POP! Style with joy is a punctuation mark that you pop when you live your OWN style. And it feels marvelous.

At work, at home, on the town, on the relax… Living your own style is one of the most joyful and satisfying things that you can do for yourself. I speak from experience! Approaching personal style this way gives you perspective, highlights and hones your point-of-view, and elevates your spirit like nothing else can.

In style, joy is the opposite of fear. Fear feeds on insecurities and leads us down a path of style “rules” to follow. Style is more than rules. Style isn’t even really rules. Style is self-awareness and knowing who you are—your loves, your goals, and your responsibilities—and then expressing yourself in the ways that accommodate and celebrate you.

Personal style at this level is empowering. It is joyful!

If I can share one idea with you, it is the joy of living your own style.


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How deeply do you think about the impact of your personal style? Tell me in the comments! What do you think?

– Cara.


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