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I. Fundamentals of Style: Intention

Fundamentals of Style

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First, let’s pull back from the conventional wisdom that style is about having the right clothes.

Part of our mission to transform the way people think about personal style is to crack that old way of thinking wide open and normalize the idea that you express your personal style in everything you do. From how you arrange furniture, to if you wear nude pantyhose, to your favorite way to say “thank you”, it’s all Your. Personal. Style. Capital Y-P-S. 

Let’s take away the pressure of being (having?) “right,” and focus on the happiness of right for you.

Now think about this: If you express Your Personal Style in everything you do, that “everything you do” effects the people and the world around you. It contributes to the culture. Let that sink in. Your Personal Style contributes to the culture. And you know, you can’t be stingy with your style. It doesn’t work that way. Whether or not you intend it, the people around you experience your style—what you put out there—and it becomes part of the fabric of their world, too.

Style with intention is like speaking your mind. 

Naturally, if you are contributing to the culture, shouldn’t it be a conscious contribution? The key is to be an active participant, by creating a personal style that you love; one that is rooted in your own values and inspirations.

Think about who you are and what makes you, you. What’s important to you, and what inspires you? Pay attention.

You can make your choices with intention, aligning your style (part of your contribution to the culture) with your true self and rejecting to a style-script that’s disconnected from you. You can even tap into the idea to “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Seriously. Put it out there!

Your voice is valuable. Your style voice is valuable… for you, for me, and for the big, big globe.

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